Screenshots from beta 2.0. More ships, weapons (including a very fun gravity gun!), aliens, and terrain have all been added.

Screenshots from the first beta build of RUBICON. Things look a lot better, yeah?

Rubicon Kickstarter Post-Mortem

This is for all of you one-man teams who want to get your project funded! I have decided to do a full disclosure on the statistics of the campaign.

Goal: $2,000
Runtime: 29 days
I set my goal to the absolute minimum I needed to do the project. My expenses were low: I only needed to cover my own cost-of-living and I focused on backer rewards that were mostly free for me to fulfill (emails, beta tester status, adding backer names into the game). After doing the math, I was surprised by what a low number I needed- a lot of video game projects on the site ask for $10,000+. I guess there are perks to doing everything yourself.

[backer pie chart]
[backer source list]

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