# cool things #

Greg Dunn Design – Beautiful gigantic gold-etched neuroscience art.

Extra Credits / Extra History – Excellent video series on all aspects of game design and culture. Branched out to begin entertaining + informative history videos, as well.

Critical Distance – High-quality weekly digest of writing about games, with an emphasis on signal amplification for voices that you won’t find elsewhere.

Strickler’s Laws of GeoFantasy – Being a geologist sounds awesome.


# other projects #

Pyxis – 2014 Mayhem Jam

Anti-breakout. Play as Pandora, keep evil contained for as long as you can. Most polished jam game I’ve done.

[ download (PC) ] [ postmortem ]

As We Are – 2014 Global Game Jam

Short 5-minute puzzle game where you explore a situation from several different character’s viewpoints.

[ play online ] [ postmortem ]


Murmur – 2013 Global Game Jam

Atmospheric simple endless runner. Play as a biologist fleeing their terrible creation. Spacebar controls heartbeat.

[ download (PC) ] [ postmortem ]

GEOLOGY GAME – (work-in-progress)

Created during a board game jam at Reed College. You play as one of four gods (Pele, Enki, Gaia, or Anansi, each with their own powers and objectives) to make an island (on the back of a giant space sea turtle, of course) in seven days. I think it’s best described as “competitive collaboration”.

It still needs a lot of design. The core mechanic is great; stacking poker chips to physically make the island, laying down rivers, soil, and life is satisfying. It’s been more of a challenge to structure the objective and action flow of the game. Expect some design articles.

It also still needs a name.


Wirehang ReRedux – (work-in-progress)

Abandoned project from long ago, recently revived. Inspired by Wirehang Redux (and for a while was blatantly stealing some of his graphics, sorry!). Since playing Worms 2, I’ve loved ninja-rope type mechanics in platformers, but have rarely seen them done in a truly satisfying way (Trine, you tried, but I want MORE!).

The setting was originally set in a Giver-style society where infants are collectively raised and placed into jobs according to their characteristics. Humans live in giant towers, and the outside world is scoured by acid rain and uninhabitable earth. Electricity is a precious resource, and nuclear power is a long-forgotten dream. The story starts with a child born with the ability to transfer energy (starting with kinetic, but eventually any form) from one location to another. They are eventually cast out/leave the society and need to explore (with an electrical worker’s grappling line) the rest of the mostly-uninhabited tower to survive.

The current iteration is set on a far-away planet, partially terraformed. Humanity opted to colonize the stars by sending a robotically-controlled satellite to travel for thousands of years to a nearby star which then spends thousands more terraforming a planet by retrieving asteroids. On completion of a biosphere, it will deploy a fleet of drones, build a city, and finally clone some humans.

Of course, something goes wrong, and the main character wakes up in a half-completed malfunctioning city. She finds that she can’t walk, but the adaptive robotics that built the city supply her with a personal wheelchair/navigation vehicle with a grappling system. She can then explore the city and gradually get things running.

I’d like to see if the entire game can be made without text.